Great Comic Covers!! Dc’s Year of the Villain

  • Title:                       DC’s Year of the Villain
  • Issue:                     #1-B
  • Volume:                #1
  • Publisher              DC Comics
  • Date:                       July 1 2019
  • Written By:           Scott Snyder, Brian Michael Bendis, Jame Tynion IV
  • Pencils:                  Jim Cheung, Alex Maleev, Francis Manapul
  • Inks:                       Jim Cheung, Alex Maleev, Francis Manapul
  • Colored:                 Tomeu Morey, Alex Maleev, Francis Manapul
  • Letterer:                Tom Napolitano, Josh Reed
  • Cover by:               Stanley Lau

Stanley Lau excellent cover of Cheetah

Great Comic Covers!! All-New Wolverine

  • Title:                       all-New Wolverine
  • Issue:                     #9
  • Volume:                #1
  • Publisher              Marvel Comics
  • Date:                       August 1 2016
  • Written By:           Tom Taylor
  • Pencils:                  Marcio Takara
  • Inks:                       Marcio Takara
  • Colored:                 Mat Lopes
  • Letterer:                Cory Petit
  • Cover by:               Joyce Chin

X-23 takes over as the wolverine during this time.

Great Comic Covers !! Justice League Mark Brooks Variant

  • Title:                           Justice League
  • Issue:                          #1/A-9
  • Volume:                     #4
  • Publisher                   DC Comics
  • Date:                           June 2016
  • Written By:               Scott Snyder
  • Pencils:                      Jim Cheung
  • Inks:                            Mark Morales
  • Colored:                     Tomeu Morey
  • Letterer:                     Tom Napolitano
  • Variant Cover by:    Mark Brooks

ComicSketchArt Variant Cover A by Mark Brooks

Great Comic Covers!! Vampirella 50th Anniversary Cover

  • Title:                        Vampirella
  • Issue:                        #1
  • Volume:                   #6
  • Publisher                 Dynamite Comics
  • Date:                          October 2019
  • Written By:              Tom Sniegoski
  • Pencils:                      Michael Sta. Maria
  • Variant Cover by:   Sabine Rich

ComicsElite Sabine Rich Virgin Variant. Sweet need i say more?

Great Comic Covers!! Miss Fury #1 Midtown Comics Incentive

  • Title:                      Miss Fury
  • Issue:                     #1
  • Volume:                #1
  • Publisher              Dynamite Comics
  • Date:                       April 2013
  • Written By:          Rob Williams
  • Pencils:                 Jackson Herbert
  • Inks:                       Jackson Herbert
  • Letterer:                Tom Orzechowski
  • Cover Variant:     J. Scott Campbell

Midtown Comics Incentive cover what a great cover…

Great Comic Covers !! Robyn Hood : I Love N.Y. SDCC Cosplay

  • Title:                           Robyn Hood – I Love N.Y.
  • Issue:                          #1G
  • Volume:                     #1
  • Publisher                   Grimm Fairy Tails
  • Date:                            Jun 1 2016
  • Written By:               Joe Brusha, Lou Iovino
  • Pencils:                      Sergio Arino, David Lorenzo Riveiro
  • Inks:                            Sergio Arino, David Lorenzo Riveiro
  • Colored:                     Grostieta, Hedwin Zaldivar
  • Letterer:                     Taylor Esposito
  • Variant Cover by:    Paul Green

YUMMY SanDiego Comic Con Exclusive VIP cover limited to 500

Great Comic Covers!! Uncanny X-Men Carnage-ized Virgin Variant

  • Title:                       Uncanny X-Men Carnage-ized Virgin Variant
  • Issue:                     #22
  • Volume:                #5
  • Publisher              Marvel Comics
  • Date:                       Sept 15 2019
  • Written By:          Matthew Rosenberg
  • Pencils:                 Salvador Larroca, David Messina
  • Inks:                       Salvador Larroca, David Messina
  • Colored:                Guru eFX
  • Letterer:                Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Variant:    Jay Anacleto

Carnage-ized Virgin Variant issued

Great Comic Covers!! Superman/Batman #8F (CGC Graded)

  • Title:                           Superman/Batman #8F (CGC Graded)
  • Issue:                          #8F
  • Volume:                     #1
  • Publisher                 DC Comics
  • Date:                          Jan-2007
  • Written By:              Jeph Loeb
  • Pencils:                    Michael Turner
  • Inks:                         Michael Turner
  • Colored:                   Peter Steigerwald, Peter Steigerwald (cover)
  • Letterer:                  Richard Starkings
  • Variant Cover by:  Michael Turner

1st appearance of Supergirl V (Kara Zor-El); 2017 SDCC Cover C Virgin Turner Variant (1/1000). This is my 2nd CGC graded comic. I did find another raw copy but for an additional ten dollars i bought this higher graded book instead

Great Comic Covers!! Uncanny X-Men #1A-20 (CGC Graded)

  • Title:                       Uncanny X-Men
  • Issue:                     #1A-20
  • Volume:                #5
  • Publisher              Marvel Comics
  • Date:                      Jan – 2019
  • Written By:          Ed Brisson, Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson
  • Pencils:                 Mahmud A. Asrar, Mirko Colak, Ibraim Roberson,                                        Mark Bagley
  • Inks:                      Mahmud A. Asrar, Mirko Colak, Ibraim Roberson,                                        Andrew Hennessy
  • Colored:                Rachelle Rosenberg, Guru eFX
  • Letterer:                Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Variant:     Mark Brooks

White Queen Emma Frost Virgin Variant Cover by Mark Brooks. My 1st CGC Graded Book. Was looking for a raw issue but could not find one so i bought this instead.

Great Comic Covers !! Vampirella Monthly #10A

  • Title: Vampirella
  • Issue: #10A
  • Volume: Monthly
  • Publisher Harris
  • Date: Sept, 1991
  • Written By: Malachy Coney
  • Pencils: Louis Small Jr.
  • Inks: Gary Martin
  • Colored: Richard Isanove
  • Letting: Kell-O-Graphics
  • Variant Cover: Jae Lee
20190630_131211 (2)

B&W cover; Retailer incentive cover. Another comic i like to find. Vampirella comics are sexy and most are good stories. she was just relaunced in a new series for her 50th year in comics by Dynamite Comics

Great Comic Covers !! Vampirella #10D

  • Title:                           Vamiprella Monthly
  • Issue:                         #10 D
  • Volume:                    Monthly
  • Publisher                 Harris Comics
  • Date:                          May 1, 2000
  • Written By:             David Conway
  • Pencils:                     Louis Small Jr., Dorian Cleavenger
  • Inks:                           Kamning Ng
  • Colored:                    Andy Troy, Pete Tobolsky
  • Letterer:                   Dan Saraceni
  • Variant Cover by:  Joseph Michael Linsner
20190630_131226Linsner Metal Tex Holochrome Edition.  Another Gorgeous cover

Great Comic Cover !! Black Cat #1 Mike Mayhew Virgin Variant

  • Title:                       Black Cat
  • Issue:                     #1
  • Volume:                #1
  • Publisher              Marvel Comics
  • Date:                      June 5, 2019
  • Written By:          Jed MacKay
  • Pencils:                 Travel Foreman, Mike Dowling, Nao Fuji
  • Inks:                      Travel Foreman, Mike Dowling
  • Colorist:                Brian Reber, Nao Fuji
  • Letterer:               Ferran Delgado
  • Variant Cover:    Mike Mayhew

Black Cat 1 Mike Mayhew Virgin Variant beautiful cover one of my favorites.

I have an extra one that I’m selling for $49.99 includes shipping [wp_paypal button=”buynow” name=”Black Cat 1 Mike Mayhew Virgin Variant” amount=”49.99″ return=””]

Comic Find !! Uncanny X-Men #221

  • Title:                      Uncanny X-Men
  • Issue:                     #221
  • Volume:                #1
  • Publisher              Marvel Comics
  • Date:                      September 10, 1987
  • Written By:          Chris Claremont
  • Pencils:                 Marc Silvestri
  • Inks:                      Dan Green
  • Colors:                  Glynis Oliver
  • Letterer:               Tom Orzechowski
  • Cover by:             Marc Silvestri
  • Key Issue:             First appearance of Mister Sinister.

here is a nice key issue. the first appearance of Mr. Sinister.

Comic Find !! Uncanny X-Men #178

  • Title:                       Uncanny X-Men
  • Issue:                       #178
  • Volume:                  #1
  • Publisher :             Marvel Comics
  • Date:                       February 1984
  • Written By:           Chris Claremont
  • Pencils:                 John Romita Jr.
  • Inks:                      Bob Wiacek, Brett Breeding
  • Colored:                Glynis Wein
  • Letterer: Tom Orzechowski
  • Cover by:              John Romita Jr., Dan Green

Ah my X-Men. Another Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr. match-up. Love their work and stories. I have cut down on my newer books so I can go back and fill my older missing comics. Found this and many more and will post as I get them.

Comic Look Out!! Doctor Solor Man Of The Atom

  • Title:                         Doctor Solor Man of the Atom
  • Issue:                        #14
  • Volume:                   #1
  • Publisher :              Gold Key Comic
  • Date:                        September 1, 1965
  • Written By:            Paul S. Newman
  • Inks:                         Frank Bolle                 
  • Cover by:                George Wilson

I have started to collect some of the older issues that I have read from another current publisher. i first read Solar from Valiant Comics and i found out that some of the characters that they were putting out were from the early years. I am now starting to look for some of these older books. Not too keen on this issue. but I know where some others are and I ill check them out later but for now i liked this cover so i grabbed it while i could. you will start noticing a trend of the books i get. i like cover art and will but the book just for the cover, then for story, and then for interior art.

Comic Look Out!! Iron Maiden

  • Title: Iron Maiden – Legacy of the Least
  • Issue: #1
  • Volume: #1
  • Publisher: Heavy Metal Comics
  • Date: November 1 2017
  • Written By: Ian Edginton
  • Pencils: Keven West
  • Inks: Jason Gorder
  • Colored: Raul Manriquez and Emmanuel Ordaz
  • Cover by: Santi Casas
  • Cover Variant: Lois Royo

came across the comic from one of my local comic book stores and just had to have it. i grew up listening to there music and was curious on how this book was. i in fact liked the story and am now waiting for the next issue to come out so i can see where it goes.